Opiliones in Belgium: number of species

Number of species in each square
Based on data known july 1998
Red squares have changed since september 1997
Number of species in each square as known in 1997 (below)

Really nothing exceptional if you remember the section
on sampling. Most visited squares are sampled only once,
and not with harvestmen in mind.

The extremely rich (black) squares are easily explained.
They are (from left to right) where W. Slosse had pitfalls,
where I had pitfalls during the eighties and where
R. Kekenbosch still continues his pitfall campaign.

Green squares stand mostly for campaigns where the
positioning of the pitfalls did not cover the whole
diversity of the site.

Yellow squares are easy: use the umbrella, or visit a
second time.

My conclusion is that the species richness as we see it
today is a reflection of our sampling effort and nothing more.
Every species is probably present in every square.

I love numbers; show me the map with the numbers.

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