Nieuws van de dag
Gazet van Mechelen
Le petit Journal
La Nouvelle République
Le Midi Libre
Le Petit Marseillais

Lokeren (Belgium), IV.1999; spotted by A. Anselin
Het Nieuws van den Dag
Vlaamsch Katholiek Volksblad
The News of the Day
Flemish Catholic People's newspaper.

Paunat (Dordogne, France),
VII.1999; pict. J.P. Arbelet
Le Mieux Informé
Le Petit Journal
6 pages
Chaufour Notre-Dame (Sarthe, France),
X.2000; pict. M. Chartier
The best informed
The name translates as
The small newspaper
Saint-Geniès (Dordogne, France),
VIII.2000; pict. M. Chartier
5 millions de lecteurs
Le Petit Journal
with 5 000 000 readers

Le Petit Journal is a daily newspaper born in 1863 and deceased in 1944. In the 1890s, at its peak, it had a running length of one million copies. The journal organised the first car race in history: Paris-Rouen in 1894!

Lavardens (Gers, France),
09.IV.2012; pict. C. Amen
Lisle (Dordogne, France),
29.IX.2012; pict. C. Vanhercke
Montagrier (Dordogne, France),
29.IX.2012; pict. C. Vanhercke

Paunat (Dordogne, France),
25.IX.2011; pict. C. Vanhercke

Le Petit Marseillais
Le plus important des journaux de province.

Le Petit Marseillais started to appear in 1868. In the 1930s it was considered the most important provincial newspaper with a circulation of 350 000. During World War II they leaned to the wrong side and the newspaper disappeared after the French liberation in 1944. The Midi Libre took over.

Meyreuil (13, France), VII.2007; pict. A. Guët

Mechelen (Belgium), 12.IX.1999 Cerbère (66, France), VII.2002; pict. A. Guët
Gazet van Mechelen
(Gazet = Newspaper)

This daily was born in 1896 as a sister of the Gazet van Antwerpen (=Antwerp). The title existed exactly one century when the regional edition was absorbed again in the Gazet van Antwerpen during the lean-sizing exercise in 1996.

L'Indépendant and in the white blot Votre Journal

The Independent but then in French.

L'Indépendant stems from a title founded in 1846 and disappeared after World War II for the same reasons as Le Petit Marseillais. The newspaper reappeared in 1950 and eventually became part of a larger group in the south of France.

Thirteen years between both pictures. The rightmost strip is now visible and still coloured a trifle darker than the rest.

The same wall carries several brands more: Solonia (fertilizer), Igol (lubricant), Suze (liquor) and a weak Canard-Duchêne (champagne).

Fiton (11, France), VII.2002;
pict. A. Guët
Fiton (11, France), 02.10.2015;
pict. J. Helmons
Ici on lit .. Midi Libre
1er Journal du Midi
People here read the Midi Libre.
The prime daily of the south.
Midi Libre was published for the first time in 1944 after the liberation and coinciding with the arrival of General de Gaulle in Paris.

Le Grand Entrevins (N151, France),
La Nouvelle République
Le quotidien du centre-ouest
La Nouvelle République
The daily of the north-west.
La Nouvelle République du centre-ouest is born from the resistance.

Notice the shape of the message box. It's what commuters see every morning in the opposite seat.

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