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Admission Requirements

While the admission requirements for a traffic sign were already quite restrictive, it is even more difficult for an advertisement-board to get a place in this section. Once you are focussed on the subject, they seem to pop up everywhere. Alas, most are gone too far beyond for me being able to bring them back.

Besides being readable the succesful board will also be
Are excluded: modern versions on paper, 3D-versions, contraptions with eye-catching moving parts, ...
and 2° placed along the road-side
And clearly meant to be seen by passers-by.
and 3° no business-board with the business nearby.
The wall-art on the right will never pass this introductory page because it is the signboard for the club inside.
Or recommended by Bartolomeo
It happens that a painting carries such an interesting message or such a prominent mistake, or is so educative for whatever reason, that I - exceptionally - declare an advertisement exempt from the 1st or 3rd requirement.

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